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Dear my members,

Happy to say my policy of life is care/share/grow,this is the reason i waited for long to launch our business.

i am now 58 years and worked in 24 industry verticals in 36 years.i know that everybody doesnt have time to start any business since all are working and any business we do in small way we cant make big money.

i decided to enter the business and share my profit to the members like you all who rely on me and trusted and encourage our click cart.

we are today small may be you wont get much money but please believe me i am working hard to give you more money,so i always love mother earth so i take this moment to give you green pledge.

we have entered with various affiliate programmes and all are very good money making programmes like hypnosis downloads which some customer buys we are getting 35% sales commission

we have lots of online internet tools then we have signed with nation wide advertising like that we also tied up with holywood branded like that various affiliate programmes all the profit share will be shared with all silver points members.

 our portal is going to be highly successfull which connect Manufactures and distributors which we expected the venture capital funding and MVP we launched now www.bestdealska888.ws .I am not asking you to invest in the business but go green buy online use our click cart which will be like other ecommerce site but now it self you can shop by buying Lyra products and hishimo which will not be available in chennai.

our main business goal to support others in thier business.

 we are into affiliate marketing business.we will also have small portals which will help local business to advertise in the national dailies which we will launch,you can help at this moment by getting maximum shoppers that is only my request  rest i will take care with our team.

we will give invitation to all our members to get into team soon we grow.Frist let me prove my Green pledge i value this lot because the pledge is taken on behalf of mother earth.

i should be very sincere and maxium transparent to you all members.My green pledge is to share my 50% profit share of affliate income to all silver points members and gold points members all the profit 50% profit share .

we also have affiliates who are bringing this wonderfull opportunity  to you  so we also give silver,gold points to them.

Humbly request you to spread the message let us all enjoy together care/share/grow.

i believe in TEAM so i welcome all to send the details about you so we can use the skill set also retired people are more welcome to be our think tank and honary advisers our aim.

we should be have the same aspirations of  like our great personality dhirubhai ambani in speech always said i am not one dhirubhai ambani many in india can so this is the burning enterprenerial spirit drives me and keep his same thinking of sharing profits with new financial innovation.

  when i woke up my frist job is to see is life history and that motivate to take my enterprenurial journey forward.

I always welcome all from the global since we all live in mother earth.

All my day through dhirubhai ambani speech repetedly come to my mind so all through the day i am motivated.

My main business interest in copper and i am now connected with global miners of copper and copper scraps.

.The joinning as prestige loyality card member and shop is our frist step we will go together with more bigger projects where we all work as a Team and win.

Frist i have to fullfill my Green pledge soon i done that my invitation will be there to join as share holders of kalpavriksha industries LTD.this is my big dream in near future. 

so all our blood is same colour no difference even between men and human so we are one our all aim is KALPAVRIKSHA which is planted to bless all this is divine tree.

once again kindly extended all your supports

welcome to be in touch whatsapp 9840378770

skype alwaysjoydeliveringhappiness