GLOBAL TOURISM PROMOTION is our moto.we wanted to create a global shopping net work for our members through the partnership with all loyality cards,privelages card so all card members of globalbe benefited by large volume of shopping net work.we also able to get the massive discounts from the merchant establisment.

we only focus our card sales in south india since we believe all should have a space to play we will help each other for the growth.

we are living in a Global village and we are all living in mother earth so only we FOCUS global tourism and give chance to all citizens to visit across the globe and enjoy the beauty of mother earth with out boundaries only we speak the language of love /care/share is our simple belief.


If you are having in the business of privelage card/loyality card/discount card we are most welcome to join hands as a simple way of making your member establishments to accept our membership card through your shopping net work.your members can buy offline and online also where ever they live.


we are building a massive consumers to shop from your shop offline/online globally so you should give the best discounts from 5 to 95% in products/services.Give best services to all global shoppers.you dont need to give any commission to us .we will send the list of privelages/loyality/discount cards you should accept this is as part of our vision to develop global tourism.



we are called PRESTIGE as our members because we know they accepted to join by agreeing to our policy .

1.committed to support our global tourism development.

2.visit global villages and shop from global shopping net work

3.Green pledge to love nature by reduce the EB consumption.

4.Buy from local shops

5.care/share/grow -we do up sells to your refered members the DEALS  and you get 25% of our comission.This help you to go for more Global tours.

we will strive our best to get you maximum discounts from global shopping et work.We are building partnership so you will be have the experience of shopping from global shopping net work at massive discounts.


We are creating a massive network of shoppers so if you wanted to sell your products/services especially for helping start ups they can use our service to introduce thier products/services to our members as best deals.


we are not travel agency.hotel booking agency or any middeman but we help others business to get success.Global shoppers network we will add more you can use it.