We know you are making  efforts to expand during this economic contraction and wanted to be sure you received this incredible limited time offer to join the kalpavriksha internet world and take this great offer on our up coming portal 888connect this is the frist an integrated portal for manufactures to take care of all major activity just a click. we are an india company but we  going to get registered in Delaware to make a global organization with bringing global experts under one roof so your products get distributed world wide through the distributors network.

Right now we are on the portal development our portal work will be getting over August 2020 in 15th august portal will get launched . we have a special deal on our prelaunch offer soon grab it.we are going to advertise the web portal in all media,social media,news papers,magazines,affiliates offline franchisee,local promotions  this help you to fix your distributors with zero investment condition applies . 

Here's what's included for this limit offer:

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 Company informations

 Product catalogue

Factory photo


Market trend

Product availability






Distributors wanted


Social media management

We wil give five banner ads which we will be able to help you to sell to your vendors so your investment become zero but you get benefits this offer only 100 members who become forward to support us to make the DISTRIBUTORSHIP OPPORTUNITY to grow and safe guard all manufactures .we all know successful marketing establish by Hindustan lever ltd,godrej,medimix,coke,pepsi,dabur many are because of distributors.

We are going to fully focus on distributors to visit our portals.

We also know time is precious so just a click everything is updated.

When a distributor search he can filter by company/category/interviews.we will send the information to our distributor data base for immediate results.

We build distributors

Sponsored tv programme

Online seminars

Meetup group

You tube channel


Data collection

Massive advertisements

Our portal is distributor focus we will give all informations to distributors

We are also offer all Free listings for any manufactures to list their opportunity but it is not authenticated not verified so its distributor wish to contact the manufacture  directly.we will publish in this following format



Postal address

Email id




We wanted fully transparency so no hide any details we allow to give all details.we give this under Business opportunity.

Kindly support us

We will be charging you Rs 5000 a month which will bring you lots of distributors.

Sample kit sales for distribution opportunity

We will work with you to prepare a sample kit and we sell to distributors so you will get real deals.

Suppose you sell 30 kit and get rs 200 profit your Rs 5000 advertisement money is back.

5 Banner ads monthly Rs 10000 we take 25%commission.

You can give us lead we will close it.

We will handle all your leads with experienced sales team  to discuss with distributors.

We will more events to connect with distributors.

Distributors news/events/launches/interviews/feature distributor

Looking forward for your support

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Chennai –south india

Skype –alwaysjoydeliveringhappiness

Hand phone -00918825807571