If you sponsor a new member to our KA888 Prestige cardmembership we up sells many products/service to your new member and you get .

Your commission split starts at 25%. This is 25% of thecommission receives for each sales we made to your sponsored member.They get asa grab at a fantastic prices.

The commission split brackets are as follows:

Theamount you will receive depends on the up sells we made to your sponsored membersthis will be done by back office you should not tell or sell it is our backoffice job.we may fix a deal with products packs/service so when we sell we get the commission that a particular companypays kabusiness solutions.  dealss can beon a 15%, 17% or 20% commission plan. So, for a service  worth Rs 10000 , the possible scenarios are:

15%commission plan
KABUSINESS SOLUTIONS will receive Rs 1500 and you will earn Rs  375

17%commission plan  
KABUSINESSSOLUTIONS will receive  Rs 1700 and you will earn Rs 425..

20%commission plan 
KABUSINESSSOLUTIONS will earn Rs 2000 and you will earn Rs 500.

Whatis portal share

Weare planning to launch various portals and we will have advertisement revenueof 25% will be shared to all KA888 prestige members suppose a daily Revenue maycome Rs 10000 a day that  time we shareRs 2500 to our 1000 members each get Rs 2.50  suppose we have 10 portals so each get Rs 25/-for not doing anything.We only request you just spread our sites name in allyour social media.